Gov.UK Verify the first gov service in the world to use FIDO U2F

News by Roi Perez

Yubico have launched a new service in partnership with the UK Government to secure its new Verify service for UK citizens accessing government services digitally.

This will be the first government service in the world to offer secure identities using the FIDO U2F standard co-created by Yubico and now an open authentication standard.

The Verify service is a new simple way for UK citizens to access an increasing range of UK government services online, and the first government service in the world to make support for simple and strong FIDO U2F authenticators.

The service works using a roster of identity providers, who check and confirm a user's identity before they can access a government service. Digidentity is one of the UK government's certified identity service providers.

To authenticate to Verify using Digidentity with FIDO U2F, the user inserts a U2F YubiKey device into his or her computer's USB port, and then touches the device. There are no drivers or client software to install.

There are plans for for later in the year to allow for U2F authentication via Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth will be supported by Digidentity for secure login from mobile devices.

The same U2F key that works with Verify and Digidentity also works for logging in to a growing number of large scale commercial services, without any personal data or encryption secrets shared between service providers.


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