GozNym hacker faces 100 years in prison

News by Robert Abel

US authorities charged Bulgarian hacker, Krasimir Nikolov, age 44, with the GozNym malware attacks.

US authorities charged Bulgarian hacker, Krasimir Nikolov, age 44, with the GozNym malware attacks that targeted baking credentials and other personal information.

Nikolov was arrested in Bulgaria on 8 September, and promptly extradited to the US where he faces a six-count indictment, includes charges of criminal conspiracy, unauthorised access of a computer to obtain financial information, and bank fraud, according to a 12 December Department of Justice press release.

Authorities say Nikolov acquired victims' banking credentials by infecting their devices with GozNym malware to gain unauthorised access to their online bank accounts in an attempt to issue electronic funds transfers.

The indictment names attacks against Nord-Lock, Inc., Protech Asphalt Maintenance, Inc., Foresight Sports, Inc., and California Furniture Collection, Inc., among other firms targeted by the malware.

If convicted, Nikolov faces 100 years in prison and a fine of US$3,500,000.

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