Greater intelligence is needed to combat stronger attacks

News by Dan Raywood

Shared intelligence is needed by businesses as threats become more sophisticated.

Shared intelligence is needed by businesses as threats become more sophisticated.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele said that along with the challenge of threats and information sharing on them, the sophistication of those threats requires more sophisticated teams.

He said: “Organisations need intelligence to help bridge the gap and businesses need expertise as security postures are not thought through and businesses need to step up, as what is given is not exposed.”

Talking about the concept of information sharing, Steele said that there was a "broader willingness" to share as people want to be educated and want to collaborate with their competitors, but figuring out how do it required confidence as there was not a complete or clear perspective on how it could be achieved.

He said: “With the CISO at the table, you can set up agreements and ways of sharing insights with your competitors, but these things are not built from industry intelligence, it is about trust on both sides without conflict.

“It is harder in the security industry because of the nature of our business and determining whose data is whose, and how you communicate to customers and the end-user at the enterprise, especially when it is intelligence captured and contributed to the threat landscape.

“If we are seeing a new form of threat and we have knowledge of it; we know how to manage it so we communicate it.”

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