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On shaky ground: SHA-1 web standard cracked

Researchers out to demonstrate inherent weaknesses in the SHA-1 internet security standard announced they had broken the legacy cryptographic algorithm using a so-called collision attack.

Talking doll susceptible to hack: Destroy it, says German agency

Parents in Germany are being advised to destroy a talking doll called Cayla because its IoT technology could be accessed by outsiders.

Russian hacker Rasputin hits universities, state and fed government agencies

A Russian hacker who penetrated the network of the US Electoral Assistance Commission and then put its database up for sale, has been detected continuing his nefarious activities.

Symantec blames Lazarus for malware targeting banks in 31 countries

Lazarus Group, widely thought to originate from North Korea, has been driven into the light once again, if reports from Symantec are to be believed.

FBI pressing Google to hand over US customer data stashed on foreign servers

Google is being pressured to hand over data to the FBI that is has stored on a foreign server. It is pushing back.