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'Doubleswitch' campaign targeting activists via social media

In a new campaign, attackers are locking out activists from their social media accounts.

Apple contractors based in China caught selling customer data

Authorities in China have unmasked a massive underground market where Apple contractors were selling user data of Apple's Chinese customers.

Russian closer to extradition for accusations of LinkedIn and Dropbox hacks

A Russian accused by the FBI of hacking into a number of US companies is a step closer to extradition from the Czech Republic.

Blame for the WannaCry attack pointed at the NSA

A good part of the blame for the WannaCry ransomware attack belongs to the National Security Agency, notes Bruce Schneier, in an article in Foreign Affairs.

Over half a billion domains infected by RoughTed malvertising campaign

While it peaked in March 2017, the scourge has been rolling out for more than a year with a dark cornucopia encompassing scams and exploit kits that go after a broad range of targets using their operating system, browser and geolocation to inject the appropriate payload, Segura wrote.