GrIDsure and CRYPTOCard have formed a partnership that will see the authentication technology incorporated into its latest technology.

The latest version of the BlackShield ID will be the first to include the GrIDsure technology and will be deployed either by being auto provisioned, or manually assigned to end users, who will then choose a personal identification password during the self-enrolment process.

Bill Laham, senior vice president of products at CRYPTOCard, said: “We are constantly looking to enhance our authentication methods and GrIDsure has provided us with an elegant solution to bolster the front end access to protected systems with a tokenless one-time-password generator.

“The solution brings strong authentication within the technical and commercial reach of all people in all organisations – many of whom have a pent-up demand for stronger identity management but have been unable to adopt existing offerings due to complexity and cost barriers.”

Stephen Howes, CEO of GrIDsure, said: “CRYPTOCard is a very significant company in the authentication space so we are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. By integrating GrIDsure into Blackshield ID, CRYPTOCard has shown that GrIDsure can be a very effective extra ingredient in the overall security mix and provide easier end user access for internal and remote IT systems.”