An authentication ‘engine' has been introduced by GrIDsure initially offering support for the Microsoft Forefront unified access gateway 2010.

Named the GrIDsure Authentication Platform (GAP), Stephen Howes, founder and chief technology officer at the company, told SC Magazine that over the next few months, support will be added for other technology but in the meantime, it is an authentication engine for the database and for entry services.

He said: “Using a local intranet, you can use this to do your authentication if you want a standalone authentication platform. It gives a much broader breadth for services and there is no reason why Unix or Java services cannot use the engine.

“The GrIDsure concept will not change but the ways in which it will be deployed will. You have the benefit of simplicity and convenience and there is a plethora of products that it can run with and however you use it, it is still the same offering and you can adapt it to different scenarios.

According to GrIDsure, users on both managed, unmanaged PCs and mobile devices can make secure remote VPN connections to company networks without risking their login details being stolen, while organisations can carry out their remote working policies smoothly and securely.

GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG is a software only solution and can be added onto both existing and new Microsoft UAG implementations. Microsoft said it has open standards interfaces and a modular architecture and the passwords are stored encrypted and administrators can configure the challenge grid size, background and authentication policies to suit their organisation's security requirements.