Authentication software has been launched that will allow logons to be done without a password.


GrIDsure's authentication software creates one time passcodes offering users far greater protection against shoulder-surfing and key-logging, without the need for additional hardware, such as tokens.


It is known as either “GrIDsure Enterprise Edition” for corporate users or “GrIDsure Solo” for individual PCs, it works with the user selecting squares on a grid to form a pattern, such as an ‘L' or a ‘tick'.  The sequence and position of the chosen squares is registered and becomes the user's PIP (Personal Identification Pattern).


When presented with a new numbered grid at each logon, the user simply applies their pattern (PIP) to the grid and enters the numbers that correspond to the pattern, thus creating a unique PIN or passcode for that logon which gives away nothing to potential fraudsters. The next time a challenge grid appears, the numbers will be different, but the user's pattern remains the same.

Jonathan Craymer, chairman of GrIDsure, said: “It's been known for some time that fixed passwords are no longer secure enough, because of today's malware – key-loggers and screen-scrapers – as well as shoulder-surfing threats.


“The answer is a system which uses different codes each time, without the need for additional hardware. Quite simply, it provides a faster, more memorable and more secure method of identifying yourself when logging into any computer based system”