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From £38.95 for one year for two computers to £1,974 for two years for 100 computers

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Strengths: Full protection from viruses and spyware as well as a built-in firewall

Weaknesses: No phone support and high costs

Verdict: A lot of strong features, but light on support and a bit pricey, this may be a better fit for smaller organisations

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AVG Anti-Malware has three main features. First is the anti-virus, which protects the environment from worms, viruses and Trojans. Second is the anti-spyware, which also covers adware and other malicious programs. Third is a built-in firewall. These three pieces come together in one management console to provide fairly solid network protection.

The management console installer is guided by several wizards. Once the installation is complete, a configuration wizard takes over. This wizard assists not only in all steps necessary to set up the console, but also to deploy agents throughout the network. This is a very nice feature as it means that once the entire configuration is done and the agents deployed, all that is left to do is fine-tune things. We also found the console to be intuitive and easy to navigate. With one mouse-click, we were able to see an abundance of information on a specific computer.

The ability to instantly obtain the entire configuration information on a single machine or group of machines just scrapes the surface for the performance of this product. The console houses many useful features, for example you can group both computer and user to assign different configurations based on specific needs. We also found it easy to schedule updates and view alerts and possible problems quickly and efficiently.

Documentation for this product is well organised in a PDF-formatted user manual. This covers the product from installation to configuration and management. The documentation is easy to read and navigate, with great screenshots and configuration examples.

With the purchase of a licence, users have access to free 24/7 technical support. The support area of the vendor website has many features such as an FAQ section, removal tool downloads, product updates, documentation and email support. However, we were not able to find any phone support offered by Grisoft.

While this is a great product, it does have a hefty price tag. At almost £2,000 for a two-year licence for 100 computers, this is a major hit for enterprises with thousands of computers.

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