Groundbreakers News, Articles and Updates

Webroot founder found dead after going missing in Hawaii

Steven Thomas, considered a security visionary for founding anti-spyware company Webroot, was found dead Sunday in Hawaii, some two weeks after he was reported missing.

Multiple vendors cooperate to issue DNS design flaw fix

A massive domain name server (DNS) design vulnerability that could permit cache poisoning - effectively allowing an attacker to direct users to the website of his choosing - is set to be fixed by an unprecedented synchronized series of multivendor patches.

Steganography harnesses VoIP networks

Steganography is an established technique to hide secret data inside normal data transmissions, but new techniques are being developed to hide packets inside routine VoIP traffic, and escape detection

Exclusive: Bletchley Park set for Lottery rescue

The home of Britain's codebreaking efforts during the War has entered into detailed discussions with the Heritage Lottery Fund for significant funding to rebuild its rotting infrastructure

Google scores key win with security and applications deal

Taylor Woodrow, one of the UK's largest construction companies, is to give all its staff access to Google Apps, backed by the internet giant's security products

Case study: Deep inside the Serious Fraud Office's digital forensics unit

The SFO invited SC Magazine for a sneak preview of its recently revamped digital forensics unit, where scientists were hard at work dissecting and interrogating the latest mobile devices

Oyster card hackers may have their research blocked

Two Dutch academics who came to London last week to prove they could break the cipher behind London's Oyster travel card have been warned by the country's Government not to expose any secrets in their upcoming paper on the subject

CCTV cameras that listen as well as watch

University researchers are developing artificial intelligence software which can be loaded onto CCTV cameras to enable them to locate incidents by noise alone

Google, Microsoft lead efforts to spur the adoption of digital identities

The two internet giants have helped form the Information Card Foundation, which will attempt to tie together vendors' efforts to develop secure online identities for internet users

Coffee drinkers in peril after espresso overspill attack

A geeky risk advisory manager from global accountancy firm BDO has hacked into a leading coffee machine, causing it to pour scalding water onto unsuspecting espresso lovers