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£20,000 plus an additional £29.95 per seat

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Strengths: A feature rich, easy to manage product, giving central control to network flow

Weaknesses: The high start up fees and annual licence are suited for large firms

Verdict: If the fees were less it would be tough to choose another product

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The GTB Inspector is an appliance, which although heavy, provides numerous features. It performs two of the three most common data leakage scenarios by protecting data in motion from leaving the company network. GTB Technologies prides itself on using the Inspector for detection and prevention of events.

The Inspector has a device protection feature that stops users from saving confidential information to a USB drive. It comes with several pre-defined policies to match up with legal compliance such as GLBA and HIPAA. There are four main methods of punishment for non-compliant users, which are to log, encrypt, quarantine and redact.

Since GTB Inspector is a network device, many people think about the use of encryption, such as SSL or PGP to defeat the inspection. Inspector works with Bluecode and Microsoft's ISA server to terminate the encryption. It takes the decrypted message and compares the unencrypted traffic against its rule set. This information is then forwarded to a device such as a PGP server that will encrypt the data and send it along.

GTB uses some advanced filtering technology to keep confidential documents safe. A word document can be converted to a PDF file format or zipped with a password and Inspector will still recognise the contents of the file as the same.

The installation of GTB Inspector is quite simple. The device comes preloaded with software and requires a basic power and network connection to make it work.

The interface to the product is exceptionally laid out and is easy to understand and follow. This product seems intuitive enough that personnel training may be unnecessary.

The only disappointing part of the Inspector offering is the documentation. It is included on the Security Manager CD and comes in the forms of a PDF. We found even the quick-start guide to be troublesome because the unit has two VGA ports and USB ports and the documentation never stated which to use and made it sound as if there was a PS/2 connector for the keyboard.

Support is included with the purchase of the product with upgrades of 24/7 coverage for an additional fee.

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