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Strengths: High-level scanning engine with flexible policy control

Weaknesses: Policy configuration could be simpler

Verdict: We have been watching this product for some time and are pleased at its evolution in tune with today's needs. Support still needs a bit of work

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The GTB Inspector is designed to protect the enterprise from data leakage. It can scan for and detect confidential data, and block violating transfers in all outbound traffic on all protocols and ports. It offers multiple actions for suspect traffic, including logging, quarantining, redacting, redirection for encryption, blocking, selecting to log or block based on the severity. With each action, there is an option to notify a security officer or sender or submit confirmation of the event to a witness as legal evidence.

We found this product to be easy to deploy and manage. Once the appliance is placed inline at the head of the network, the installation takes just a few minutes. All management is done using the web-based GUI. This GUI is fairly easy to navigate and use, but policies are slightly tricky to configure. Policies are done in two stages. The first is checking the system policy to make sure the scan type is enabled. This is done by editing a text file on the appliance. The second piece is creating the rules and actions for the policy. While the policy editor is flexible, we would have liked to see a more streamlined approach to creating and editing policies.

The Inspector can integrate into the already existing Active Directory environment for easy policy assignment to existing groups and users. It can also integrate directly and share policy with GTB Endpoint Protector, a centrally managed software system for preventing data leaks through I/O devices on enterprise desktops, laptops and servers.

Documentation provided comprised several PDF guides, including a quick-start guide, user guide and system guide. All these guides provide a high amount of detail and are easy to read, with many diagrams, step-by-step instructions, configuration examples and screenshots.

GTB offers business-hours phone technical support as well as extended-hours email support at no cost to customers. It also offers 24/7 support as part of a support contract at three per cent of the total licence fee. It does not have any support on the website.

At a cost starting at about £34 per seat, this product is good value for the money. While it is a little tricky to configure the policy at first, we find this product offers a solid feature set with a great amount of flexibility.

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