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£6,790 for 200 seats and console

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Strengths: The appliance performs well. Solid value for money

Weaknesses: Support site is lacking. No help section or documentation available from the administration interface

Verdict: Overall decent value for network DLP, however the finer points need to be improved before it can be considered an enterprise class product

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GTB Inspector is an appliance that scans outbound network traffic for confidential information. It can be configured inline, out of line or via network tap. It is able to scan, detect and perform many different actions against the information depending on its configured rule set.

Getting the device up and running after the network configuration takes only a few minutes. The appliance can perform several actions against the data that it finds. It can alert, quarantine and redact block and can perform the actions across various types of datasets including instant messages, http traffic, printers and email. Overall, the actual performance of the appliance was good.

The solution itself does what it says it will do and there are many important protocols that it can detect and many email and proxy solutions that the appliance can integrate with. However what we found lacking was the overall implementation from a holistic perspective.

With regards to ease of use, the interface felt a bit unpolished and underwhelming by today's standards. Most of the configuration and editing is done through the appliance's web browser, but the heart of the solution is the way in which it detects data through rules, pattern matching and fingerprinting. The pattern-matching interface is a bit archaic. The web browser launches a text editor inside the browser, which contains very specific and structured rows of data that must be formatted exactly in order to customise patterns.

Additionally, the fingerprinting mechanism (learning the different types of data and applying/detecting its digital signature) is a separate standalone installation performed on a desktop or workstation that works in conjunction with the appliance.

Lastly, the management console is yet a different and separate component and is supplied as a virtual appliance to monitor events and run reports. Although the console virtual appliance is supposed to be shipped separately with a DVD containing the documentation, we were not provided with it.

The appliance does not come with any printed documentation nor does it contain any help files. We were directed to a URL with a few PDFs that contained the basic information we needed.

Pricing starts at £6,790 for 200 users and includes basic 8/5 phone and email support. Premium support is available for an extra cost. The GTB website does not contain much of a support section other than a contact form.

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