Companies should be particularly vigilant with home workers as more people look to work remotely.

A new advisory guide from Network Box 'Securing Remote Workers' offers advice to ensure companies are protected from security breaches caused by remote workers. The guide claims that companies should be particularly vigilant with home workers as often, home workers will be using a personal home computer (as opposed to a company-provided computer) that is unlikely to meet stringent corporate security standards.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst for Network Box, said: “Companies may have the best security systems available internally, but if their remote workers are compromised, all that good work is undone. The onus is on the IT teams to make sure remote workers understand the importance of security and stick to corporate guidelines.”

The guide claims that even though users will connect to the company using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), at the point it reaches the workstation, particularly if this is a home PC, it will be unencrypted and can be written to the hard disk or temporary files, where it will remain, unless carefully purged by the user.

Network Box also stated that a home computer is likely to be used by someone else in the house, who is unlikely to stick to the employee's corporate security guidelines.