Network Box has published a guide to common ‘hoaxes, hacks and internet horrors' to help IT managers educate their users.

The guide looks at different kinds of common attacks and simple ways for IT managers and employees alike to avoid falling victim to them. It also examines how fraudsters lure their victims with the likes of ‘419' scams becoming more sophisticated and how social networking is becoming more and more prevalent.

The ‘hacks' section looks at attacks through application vulnerabilities and SQL attacks, while the ‘hoax' section shows an example of the log in page of a hoax site next to the real site, to show how sophisticated some of these fraudulent sites can be now.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, said: “Many hackers have moved on from attacking mainstream applications because they are too well protected and IT managers are too smart for them. But now there's a new goldmine available in the number of unsecured applications that are developed thanks to Web 2.0 and VM (virtual machine) software.

“The most important thing that any company can do is to ensure its users are aware of these scams. That way they're less likely to fall victim to them and put themselves, as well as their company networks, at risk.”