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Now your brain can be hacked to kill you; neurostimulator implants at risk

Academic researchers have discovered that brain implants, known as neurostimulators, can be hacked and could prevent patients from "speaking or moving, cause irreversible damage to his brain, or even worse, be life-threatening".

Report: Hope Hicks testified that email account was hacked

Prior to announcing her impending resignation on 28 February, former US White House communications director Hope Hicks told federal lawmakers in private testimony that one of her email accounts was hacked.

Mueller may be preparing charges against DNC hackers

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be building criminal charges against the Russian operatives that hacked the US DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and other Democrat-related entities.

Coincheck cyber-thieves attempting to move, sell off NEM cryptocurrency

The developers of NEM (or XEM) cryptocurrency claim they have traced US$ 533 million (£374 million) in digital coins stolen from hacked crypto exchange Coincheck to an anonymous account.

Building management systems still ripe for hacking

The security of building management systems has improved over the last few years but many of them aren't set up properly to avoid being hacked, according to security researchers.

Hackers target business emails with Netflix scam

Netflix scam steals customers' credit card data, and puts businesses at risk where employees re-use passwords.

Hackers spend a night at Opera's servers

Browser company confirms sync servers breached, exposing passwords of millions of users