'Hacker Buba' goes down road to strike again

News by Max Metzger

Hacker Buba', who has been holding a UAE bank to ransom, has made good on his threat of leaking the details of many of its account holders.

Having struck the Sharjah bank last week, this time Buba made for the Invest Bank, a fourteen minute car ride away in Sharjah city, capital of the neighbouring Emirate to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Invest Bank was apparently blackmailed and ordered to pay 8,200 bitcoin (£2.1 million) or he'd start leaking corporate accounts.

Tweeting over @investbank_2, which has since been taken down, Hacker Buba started releasing the bank's sensitive details. When that account was taken down 50 others, apparently unaffiliated, picked up the job on 1 December. The tweets contained a link which went to six zip files contaiining the banks ‘crown jewels' including the card details of nearly one million customers. Tech news site The Daily Dot has reported that all this information was stored on the website of, “an Eastern European Basketball team apparently also hacked by Buba and used as temporary storage space.”

The mysterious ‘Hacker Buba' ran a similar scam on the Sharjah bank late last month, saying that if it did not acquiesce to his demands of 8,500 Bitcoin he would start leaking the account details of some of the banks prized clients including government officials and captains of industry. That's exactly what he did when the bank refused to pay up.

He initially tweeted an announcement of the details' sale on a twitter account that has since been suspended, called @hacked_invest, offering to sell 900 gigabytes worth of account details.

By the following Monday, having not received the money, Buba began tweeting out the details of 500 of the Sharjah Bank's customers.

According to Gulf News, a regional news outlet, Hacker Buba had also sent warning SMS and emails to several Sharjah Bank customers saying that their accounts were under his control and they too, would have to pay up in order to regain control of them.

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