A teen hacker who posted photos of actress Miley Cyrus has been raided by the FBI.


Josh Holly, who was known as ‘Tranreq', boasted that he would never be found before being raided a few hours later in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He hacked into the 15 year old Hanna Montana star's email account last year and found provocative photos she had allegedly sent to a friend.


After celebrity news outlets refused to run the illegally-acquired photos, Mr Holly leaked them online and publicised his exploits by doing interviews with radio stations under his pseudonym, releasing more photos, and bragging about it online.


The next day, Mr Holly shared the search warrant online and posted a blog about it on his website. He said: “Well, all my idiotic doings have finally caught up with me... the FBI came into my house and took all things that can store data. It was one of the most scariest feelings in my life time.


“My since of security, privacy, and ‘untouchableness' was all stripped. When they came, they said I was not under arrest and no one is pressing charges, they just need evidence to put me down. Well, that is what I get for being an idiot and boast (sic) about hacking.”