Hackers displaying stolen data available for purchase on YouTube

News by Danielle Correa

Intel Security's new report, "The Hidden Data Economy" reveals that hackers are advertising stolen information on YouTube and then selling it on common websites.

Intel Security's new report, “The Hidden Data Economy”, reveals that hackers are advertising stolen information on YouTube and then selling it on common websites. 

The report shows the price that criminals are paying for financial information online in addition to the type of access people are able to purchase.

Sellers are using more refined sales efforts and leveraging YouTube to advertise as “visual confirmation” that the person unloading the data can be trusted. 

Raj Samani, chief technology officer for EMEA at Intel Security and an author of the report, said that in all cases, firms like YouTube are advised about the issue but admits it's tough to be up to date with all the videos coming online.

Buyers will pay between $5 and $8 (£3 and £5) in the US to purchase a credit card with a three-digit number on the back, an account number and expiration date. The price rises to $30 (£19) in the European Union (EU).

In addition to credit cards, there are other types of accounts available for purchase. PayPal accounts with money in them are being sold. Video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go accounts are high in demand. Loyalty accounts to hotel chains are up for grabs as well.

“For me it's how personalised it has become. If you wanted to, I could show you where you can buy somebody's bank login details. If you wanted to, you can assume someone's identity. It's become really personal and that is a big concern,” Samani said.


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