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Hackers target private schools in UK

Hackers are taking advantage of poorly secured systems at schools in the UK, nicking identifying data, typically through phishing attacks, that they could use to target parents with fake invoices and other means of cyber-crime.

Building management systems still ripe for hacking

The security of building management systems has improved over the last few years but many of them aren't set up properly to avoid being hacked, according to security researchers.

Database aggregating 1.4B credentials found on dark web

A single file on the dark web with a database of 1.4 billion clear text credentials not only is the largest aggregate found there but it opens a trove of credentials to even the least sophisticated hackers.

Update: TeamViewer releases emergency patch for permissions flaw

TeamViewer has rushed out an emergency patch to fix a security flaw that could allow hackers to take over other machines during an active session.

Cryptocurrency thieves steal £51 million of Bitcoin from mining platform

Hackers may have gotten away with £51 million of bitcoin after a cyber-attack hit the cryptocurrency mining platform NiceHash. The attack was highlighted on Twitter and Reddit with users saying they may lose hundreds of dollars.

Understanding the threat of privilege identity theft

You'd think hackers will attempt social engineering exploits on your privileged users. In reality, it is more likely they will aim for a softer initial target. But once within the network, hackers will move onto their true target, the privileged user.

Increased dark web interest in hacking the leisure and gaming industries.

Given the volumes of cash swashing around, it's no surprise that leisure and gaming industries have become a target for cyber-crime; new reports suggest there is growing interest on the Dark Web in attacks on the gaming industry.

Shipping company Clarksons refuses to pay ransom, data leak expected

UK shipping giant Clarksons has beenhit by hackers who were successful in stealing sensitive and confidential data which may soon be leaked due to Clarksons' refusal to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers.

MPs push May to block Lauri Love extradition on health grounds

A group of UK MPs has beseeched Prime Minister Theresa May to block the extradition of hacker Lauri Love to the US, saying they fear for his mental health.

RDP brute force attacks used to spread LockCrypt ransomware

Hackers have been breaking into corporate servers via RDP brute-force attacks and manually infecting them with a new variant of ransomware called LockCrypt.

Update: Russian hackers use Kaspersky AV, find NSA info on home device

Home computer of National Security Agency (NSA) worker contained classified data, detected by Russian hackers using Kaspersky AV software.

Devastating phishing attacks dominate 2017

2017 first half: Kaspersky Labs products blocked 51 million phishing attempts; mobile ransomware attacks up 250% percent; Ironscales' own research estimates 95 percent of successful attacks start with phishing says Eyal Benishti

LinkedIn Premium accounts being used in phishing scam

Hackers are using the business-oriented LinkedIn social media site to send phishing InMails posing as a Wells Fargo document - the delivery method is to be trusted, but the content may not be.

Messing about with Real Madrid Twitter accounts, FC Barcelona breached

Grey hat hackers pranked soccer fans by hacking the Real Madrid Twitter accounts and posting tweets announcing the signing of rival player Lionel Messi.

DDoS means points and prizes as hackers in Turkey gamify cyber-crime

In the quest to offload their risk onto others, hackers in Turkey have come up with a novel way to incentivise others to do the dirty work for them.

Al Jazeera game simulates journalists' risky role in Syrian cyber conflict

Al Jazeera has launched a new mobile game #Hacked - Syria's Electronic Armies, in which the player assumes the role of an investigative journalist tasked with discovering the identities of pro-Syrian government hackers.

Getting smart - a joined up approach to beating the hackers

As data breaches become commonplace and organisations struggle to keep pace, Treavor Dearing explains why integration and collaboration among IT security vendors is emerging as the only viable solution to beat cyber-criminals once and for all.

Will Rio Olympics herald a carnival of cyber-crime?

Brazil puts concerns over cyber-attacks at number 23 despite hosting the Olympic games, whereas the US, Germany and Japan put cyber-attacks at number one - hence extensive cybercrime is expected during the games.

Russians predict further attacks on Clinton's campaign HQ - immunity offered to hackers

Russian hacking groups believed responsible for the Clinton hacks may not be the Russian state, but it appears they are condoned and even encouraged by some security agencies.

Report finds millions of firewall ports left open unnecessarily

A survey of all the ports on the internet is designed to provide decision-makers with the statistical information they need to make informed decisions on engineering the internet - and reveals many, many are open to hackers.

China's quantum communications satellite to improve data security, thwart hackers

China will send the first quantum communications satellite into orbit in July, vastly improving the secure transmission of data and thwarting the efforts of hackers.

SEC chief: Cyber-crime biggest threat to financial systems

Hackers could wreak havoc on banks and other financial institutions, claims Mary Jo White

FBI 'purchased zero-day from grey hats' to crack iPhone

UPDATED: The FBI apparently purchased a zero-day exploit from grey hat hackers to crack the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, raising questions about ethics and implications for privacy.

Cyber-criminals becoming increasingly professional

Report from Symantec finds that cyber-criminals are reaching same level of sophistication as nation-state hackers.

Russian hacker group targetting largest EU banks

Russia's central bank and the government are working together to fight banking hacker group Buhtrap.

Dell Secureworks reports on economic upheaval in the hacker black market

The black market for trading hacking tools and stolen data is still immature, as evidenced by wild price fluctuations as criminals try to work out the true value of their assets.

New ransomware 'SamSam' takes aim at hospitals

Hospitals have taken a beating recently, not least from a new form of ransomware called SamSam that comes loaded with lethal new features.

Russia to spend $250m strengthening cyber-offensive capabilities

Russia fires a warning shot across the US bows in response to the 'US offensive cyber-threat,' saying that it does not lag behind the US when it comes to cyber-technology, noting that its hackers are among the best.

Hackers using fraudulent LinkedIn profiles

Professionals on LinkedIn are being targeted by an increasing variety of hackers. A slew of fake accounts have been found on the social media platform across many industries.

Video: Chris Wysopal on how long it would take to break the internet

From hacker to security researcher and CTO of a major cyber-security software company, Chris Wysopal has developed strong views on what works and doesn't work and how the world needs to wise up to security.