Hacking Contest News, Articles and Updates

Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion

An 18-year-old from Sussex has triumphed at the Cyber Security Challenge UK 2016, making him the youngest ever winner of the competition.

Project Zero hacking contest targets remote code execution flaws

Google's Project Zero unveiled an Android hacking contest that aims to discover flaws on the Nexus 6P and 5X devices.

Big cash prizes on offer as Pwn2Own turns difficulty setting up to eleven

Contest organisers challenge white hat hackers at CanSecWest to hack their way out of a VMware Workstation virtual machine

HP pulls sponsorship of hacking contest over Wassenaar Arrangement

Hewlett-Packard pulled its sponsorship of the Pwn2Own hacking competition this year over confusion about the Wassenaar Arrangement and difficulty in meeting its standards.