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Hacking Team reunion samples found in 14 countries

The Hacking Team is back: previously unreported samples of its infamous surveillance tool, the Remote Control System (RCS), were spotted in the wild throughout fourteen countries, according to ESET researchers.

'Digital Batman' hacktivist posts video of cyber-attack on Catalan police site

Days after transferring £7,600 ($11,000) in stolen bitcoins to an anti-ISIS revolutionary group in Syria, hacktivist Phineas Fisher was at it again—defacing the website belonging to Spain's Catalan police union, and posting an online tutorial showing how it was done.

Hacker behind Hacking Team breach publishes how-to guide

Phineas Fisher, the hacker who claimed responsibility for breaching Hacking Team last year, published a how-to guide detailing his process in executing the attack.

Possible Ashley Madison extortion campaign identified

A cyber-security company says it may have spotted a round of extortions on Ashley Madison customers from a notorious hacking group

ICYMI: Malvertising, the Saudis, massive attack, Cyphinx and WinRAR

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Porn site hit by malvertising, Saudi Arabia tried to buy Hacking Team, botnet-powered massive attack, Cyphinx cyber-security game goes live and half a billion WinRAR users left open to assault.

Saudis tried to buy Hacking Team: hit by Anonymous for teen crucifixion

WikiLeaks emails show Saudi Arabian government tried to buy surveillance company Hacking Team; now under attack from Anonymous due to death sentence on alleged teen activist.

Hacking Team looks to hire hacker

Following the compromising of nearly all its databases and emails, and then the subsequent release of those company details, Hacking Team posted a job listing for a "hacker/developer."

Panda APT group using Hacking Team flaws

The Chinese APT group Emissary Panda has been taking advantage of Hacking Team's Flash Player exploits in its actions.

Security team finds additional Android vulnerability

An IBM security research team has uncovered an additional flaw in Android that can give a malicious app the ability to fully control a device.

Updated: Facebook CSO calls time on Flash after Hacking Team breach

New cyber-attacks by Chinese and others criminals are exploiting the Adobe Flash zero-days leaked through the recent Hacking Team breach - prompting calls for Flash to be "put out to pasture".