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Solar panel hack could knock out power grid

Cyber-attack on photovoltiac panels could bring down power and have a domino effect on the rest of the electricity supply, both nationally and potentially, continentally.

Blog: Malwaretech, a black and white case or somewhere in between?

Is Malwaretech, aka Marcus Hutchins, innocent? The FBI says Hutchins wrote the code for the Kronos banking Trojan. Without seeing all the evidence from both sides, it's impossible to know for sure.

Researchers pwn Alexa, turning Amazon Echo into covert snooping device

Older versions of Amazon Echo are vulnerable, and though physical access to the device is needed, this is more achievable with second hand devices.

Is China's newly built quantum crypto-network really unhackable?

It looks like China is the latest to apply quantum cryptology to create a supposedly unhackable network. But just how valid are these claims?

Don't be a copycat: TTPs of CopyKittens revealed

The group is known for attacking government, security and academic institutions around the world.

Security sucks: measures often disabled to increase productivity

Research shows most security pros would disable security to allow employees more freedom to get their work done.

G20 finance chiefs agree on concerted effort to fight financial crime

The agreement follows a number of high profile cyber-attacks on banking systems around the world, which has brought banking security to the top of the agenda.

Kremlin seeks to sway British public opinion?

The head of the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has written to political parties warning of potential Russian-backed hacking to sway the British electorate.

Wikileaks releases document trove allegedly containing CIA hacking tools

Hacking tools from the isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Centre for Cyber Intelligence have allegedly been released by Wikileaks who hope to instigate conversation around the moral use of cyber-weapons.

Major spam operation suffers data leak containing 1.4 billion records

A spamming group called River City Media, led by well-known spammers Alvin Slocombe and Matt Ferris, has had its database of 1.4 billion records leaked.

New technology, same bugs: the rise and fall of the robot revolution

A plethora of vulnerabilities across multiple models and brands of robots is leaving cyber-security experts scratching their heads, wondering why we are making the same old mistakes again.

Cellebrite celebrates: Israeli firm can now open iPhone 6 and 6 plus

The mobile forensics company Cellebrite is slowly catching up with its abilities to exfiltrate data from mainstream mobile phones, and has come under criticism for selling its technology to autocratic regimes.

Major Dark Web host hacked, 381,000 sets of user details leaked online

Freedom Hosting II, a major Dark web host has been hacked, resulting in 381,000 user emails leaking onto the public internet.

Brian Krebs says the US needs to cultivate more "Hackers for Good"

Cyber-security blogger Brian Krebs spoke at Microsoft BlueHat IL on the psychology of the modern-day supervillain hacker and outlining key threats.

ICYMI: Steel IP stolen; Charity phishing; Zcash miners; Tesco implications; ITPros without hols

In this month's In Case You Missed It we look at German steel hack; crypto-currency miners; Tesco hack roundtable; IT pros holiday woes.

Hacker who tried to sell celebrity secrets sentenced to 5 years

Alonzo Knowles, 24, a Bahamian man who goes by the alias "Jeff Moxey," was sentenced on Tuesday for hacking into the email accounts of entertainment, media and sports professionals and stealing their digital property for profit.

Tesco Bank allegedly ignored warnings of hack from Visa

Tesco Bank was allegedly warned of fraudsters using "Glitch 91" to steal money, and failed to protect its customers.

ATM machines under attack, spitting out cash on demand

Cyber-security firm Group IB has released a report on a group currently ransacking ATMs throughout Europe using malware which causes ATMs to spit out cash.

This is PoisonTap, Kamkar tool can hack locked PCs

Security researcher Samy Kamkar rolled out a hacking tool dubbed PoisonTap that can crack into a locked computer fully exposing the device to a myriad of potential hacking problems.

Group on trial for cyber-theft of $15M in FIFA Coins

A hacking group went to trial Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in an alleged hacking scheme against the EA Sports video game FIFA.

IoT lightbulb worm takes over all smart lights until entire city is infected

A research team has set up a chain reaction attack that would take over Philips Hue smart lightbulbs across entire cities

Website owners warned over Joomla flaws

Joomla flaws - unpatched websites may already be infected

Second Shadow Brokers dump released

The hacking group named The Shadow Brokers has released more NSA-related files, these are said to show IP addresses linked to the Equation Group, a hacking group believed to be an NSA contractor.

Lack of encryption leaves diabetic pump open to hacking

Security researchers have warned that a number of vulnerabilities in an insulin pump could enable a hacker to put a diabetic patient's life at risk.

Yahoo! data breach likely exceeds 500 million records

The security firm InfoArmor believes the Yahoo! data breach far exceeds the 500 million number, that the hack was accomplished by a cyber-gang, not a nation-state, and that overall about 3.5 billion user records have been stolen over the years.

Video: Lauri Love to be extradited to the US for alleged hacking charges

A judge at London's Westminster Crown Court has ruled that alleged hacker Lauri Love is to be extradited to the US where he is accused of hacking into various government departments.

50% of UK consumers won't work with a company that has been hacked

New research from F5 Networks reveals that Brits have a conflicting view on cyber-crime.

VoIPtalk informs customers of possible data breach

The UK voice over IP provider VoIPtalk has emailed a notification to customers warning of the potential compromise of user login credentials.

Two arrested in connection to 'Crackas With Attitude' gov't attacks

At least three other suspects in the UK are also being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service, the release said.

Minimising the damage caused by a breach

Protecting data is a significant task faced by security managers every day. Paul German discusses creating cyber-security strategies for government agencies.