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Hacktivists take Catalan independence fight online - DDoS/cyber-attacks

Hackers from the hacktivist group Anonymous targeted websites run by Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport in support of the Catalan independence movement.

Nothing is safe from a hacker, even a toy, smart TV or fitness tracker

With fitness trackers, smart TVs and even children's toys among the most vulnerable items, people are unaware that they're at serious risk of hacking.

ID theft every 2 seconds - half hitting kids under 6

Keeper Security has released research on the dark web which shows how much hackers make from different credentials.

White hats share insights on modern attack campaign strategies

New findings from 451 Research reveal real-world insights into modern attack campaign strategies, planning and execution.

Guilty as charged! UK man hacks US DoD communications system

A UK citizen has pleaded guilty on 15 June to hacking into a US Department of Defense (DoD) communications system three years ago

'MacronGate' reportedly linked to black hat troll

Qurium researchers claim to have traced the falsified emails allegedly stolen from then French President Emmanuel Macron claiming the then candidate had offshore accounts in the Bahamas during his 2017 campaign to the black hat troll weevlos.

Cyber-criminals reap the benefits of cross-community collaboration

Cyber-criminals across multiple regions have evolved their communication strategies to become more collaborative than their victims.

Execution of largest hack in YouTube history claimed by OurMine

The OurMine hackers known for hijacking online social media accounts, supposedly to test their security, executed what it's calling the largest hack in YouTube history.

UK and US warn airports and nuclear facilities could be targets of cyber-attacks

Airports and nuclear power plants in the US and UK are on alert for cyber-attacks after governments in both countries issued alerts.

Hacker defaces celebrity websites in the name of Kurdish Homeland

A hacker has vandalised the websites of a number of mid-level American celebrities for the cause of a Kurdish homeland.

Thousands of NHS Wales staff lose personal data in breach

The details of thousands of NHS staffers in Wales have been stolen from the servers of a private contractor, Landauer.

A dish served cold: Chef Gordon Ramsay's in-laws charged with computer hacking

London's Metropolitan Police Service has charged four in-laws of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, including the famous curmudgeon's father-in-law, with computer hacking.

Hack of Aberdeen City Council cost the local authority £10,000

Last month, an Algerian-linked hacking group defaced the website of Aberdeen City Council.

How the events of 2016 could shape the future of democratic elections

Travis Farral discusses the malicious activity that surrounded the US election, addressing Russian actors and examples of other Nation State hacking activity that enterprises can learn from.

Pair of ad fraud campaigns linked to defacement attacks by Indonesian hackers

Researchers have discovered two connected advertising fraud campaigns that compromise legitimate web sites and abuse Google AdSense, using tactics that are almost polar opposites of each other.

Brother-sister team busted for high-level email hacks

A brother and sister were arrested and charged with accessing email accounts of two former prime ministers, Vatican cardinals and the president of the European Central Bank.

UK cyber-security inquiry to launch following US election hacks

The UK government will be launching a national inquiry on cyber-security to assess the extent to which Britain is protected from the growth in attacks worldwide.

PSN, Xbox gamers score as DDoS attack threats prove empty

Millions of gamers were spared any downtime over Christmas as pre-holiday threats by LizardSquad, PhantomSquad and R.I.U. Star Patrol to take down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live proved hollow.

Passing of Thai Computer Crimes Act angers hacktivists so they protest

The Thai Computer Crimes Act amendment has been passed unanimously and will be entered into law within 80 days.

Fraudsters target Groupon users in the UK: losses add up in the £100s

In recent weeks, fraudsters have managed to hack into a number of Groupon accounts in the UK.

Shamoon wiper malware returns after four year hiatus

Shamoon wiper malware has been spotted for the first time in four years, according to Palo Alto and Symantec

No one above the law: the message from the Lauri Love extradition

Analysis of Judge Tempia's decision to grant the request of the United States government to extradite computer activist Lauri Love to face multiple charges related to computer hacking.

Teenager hacks Sri Lankan president's website to protest exams

President told by cheeky hacker to improve his website security or hold another election is he was unable to "control the situation"

Anonymous breaches Turkish Natural Gas company

A tranche of data from a Turkish natural gas company, Izmir Gaz, has been leaked online by the hacktivist group Anonymous in a seemingly convoluted attempt to get at the Turkish government

Proliferation of hacker culture helped keep Anonymous from being branded terrorist org

How has Anonymous avoided being labeled as a terrorist group? That is a serious question that was proposed by an anthropologist during the HOPE Conference in New York City.

Turkey blocks access to WikiLeaks after 300K emails released

Turkey blocked access to WikiLeaks after almost 300,000 emails from the Justice and Development Party (AKP Party) were released Tuesday.

Twitter founder's Twitter account hacked by OurMine

The founder of Twitter is the latest victim of the mysterious hacker group, OurMine, but is there a larger point here than petty vandalism?

Spike in cyber-attacks expected to exploit upcoming Olympics, report

An Israel-based security firm has issued a warning to fans of the upcoming Olympics to be wary of phony offers.

'Digital Batman' hacktivist posts video of cyber-attack on Catalan police site

Days after transferring £7,600 ($11,000) in stolen bitcoins to an anti-ISIS revolutionary group in Syria, hacktivist Phineas Fisher was at it again—defacing the website belonging to Spain's Catalan police union, and posting an online tutorial showing how it was done.

Qatar National Bank breached, files published, Turkish fascists claim responsibility

Qatar National bank has had 1.4 GB of internal files published online including the names of intelligence agents, government departments and the Qatari royal family. A turkish fascist group has claimed responsibility.