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Olympic torch lights the way for cyber-criminals

The potential for cyber-attacks being launched during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang against those attending the games, is so strong that US CERT has issued cyber-security guidelines for those visiting.

Pirates of the Caribbean: 66 years of secrets dug up in Paradise Papers

The Queen's offshore accounts, Russian links to President Donald Trump's top administration officials among 13.4 million documents exposed in Paradise Papers. Legal and accounting firms can expect to be increasingly targeted.

Understanding the human element behind cyber-attacks: indicators of attack

Joep Gommers explains why focusing on the actor will help businesses to protect themselves from a potential cyber-attack, hence the need to understand indicators of attack, in addition to indicators of compromise.

Kids with attitude - the face of Islamic hacktivism exposed in blog

Most United Islamic Cyber Force (UICF) members are young people with a low level of technical skills, limited life experience, who had fallen victim to propaganda, according to research by law enforcement agencies and Group IB.

ICYMI: MSP APT; MS 0-day; Travel phish: Retraining; Hacktivists hit

In Case You Missed It: Chinese hack MSPs; Windows Server 2003 flaw; Phishing hits travellers; retraining graduates; OpIsrael hacktivists targeted.

Anonymous escalates offensive against Trump, declares 'total war'

Hacktivist group Anonymous has doubled down on its threats to interfere with Donald Trump's presidential campaign, declaring "total war" against the candidate in a YouTube video.

Pro-Palestine hacktivist makes good on threat, posts data on FBI and DHS personnel

The hacker responsible for breaching the Department of Justice's web portal has publicly posted stolen data corresponding to roughly 20,000 employees of the FBI and 9,000 from the Department of Homeland Security.

Anonymous promises retribution for Paris attacks

Hacktivist group Anonymous has vowed vengeance against the group called Islamic State for the Paris attacks on Friday, claiming it will destroy the terrorist group's online operations and expose its members.

Russian hackers plan new attacks on Western military and civil infrastructure

SC's Russia correspondent has been told by sources in the Russian Federal Security Service that Russian hacker groups are planning new attacks on the military and civil infrastructure of some Western countries.

UK hacker Lauri Love fights extradition to US

Lauri Love, a UK graduate student is extradition to the U.S. for hacking government computer systems

Iranians mount 'catastrophic' cyber attack on Las Vegas casino

Iranian hacktivists targeted Las Vegas Sands casino in a sinister forerunner of the Sony Pictures breach.

Chinese TV channel hacked while on air

Hacktivists in China put anti-government messages up over broadcast programmes while Wenzhou TV station was on air.

Ad-server used in Reuters hack by SEA

Syrian Electronic Army defaces Reuters website via attack on US-based advertising server.

UK lags behind US in cyber security stakes

Only 17 percent of UK business leaders see cyber security as a major priority, compared to 41 percent in the US - and 52 percent in Brazil, the most alert to the problem according to new research from BT.

Understanding the role of hacktivism

Check Point VP says individual hacking actions are not always criminal

Hacktivists Anonymous and UG Nazi attack Westboro Baptist Church

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released personal details of the members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.