Half of the UK's city councils have digitalised a proportion of their surveillance systems.


According to a survey by network integration company Telindus, this will leave half of the UK's digital policing fragmented. It claimed that councils without IP CCTV are usually reliant on traditional analogue CCTV systems, which are both costly to expand and inflexible when coverage of a specific short-term event is required. With images stored on magnetic tape, evidence is also vulnerable to theft or damage.


Mark Hutchinson, managing director of Telindus, comments: “With today's technological advancements, security and peace of mind should be on the council's terms rather than at the mercy of outdated technology. It is clear that we are on the verge of a digital switchover comparable to that in the television space.


“Human nature dictates that if somebody is watching you, you are less likely to commit the crime. Whilst the privacy concerns recently raised by the Lords Constitution Committee must be considered and addressed to ensure our civil liberties are not impacted, there is no doubt that CCTV cameras are an extremely powerful tool in the fight against crime.”