A new South American hacker and LulsZec member, Hanom1960, has breached Colombian government websites.

Softpedia reports that Hanom's possession of new data that was uploaded online contains the personal information of many Colombian government employees of the breached Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and the Ministry of National Education.

Some of the data includes usernames, hashed passwords, real names, emails, phone numbers, birth dates, employee roles and codes, personal details, digital and physical assets, and area of expertise. The data of more than 2,800 users was collected.

Hanom plans to release an additional data dump in the next few days of information he gathered after hacking into Chile's government sites. His first hack occurred last week as Hanom dumped data from Costa Rica's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I see many mistakes in [their IT] systems. It is something that does not concern Governments and [we] must be let them see that they are not invulnerable,” said Hanom1960 of the Costa Rican government site.

Hanom justifies his attacks as highlighting corruption in the various countries.