Just in time for a Halloween spook, the top five scariest malware families have been identified.


Based on a study of 376,031 malware samples in the month of October, Trustlook has highlighted the Top five scariest malware families in a new Halloween-themed infographic.


The top five families are:

  • Hideicon – 2,361 variants found in the past 30 days. The name speaks for itself as this malware family literally hides their icons.

  • Permad – 1,836 variants found in the past 30 days. Each time you unlock your device, an ad is presented to you and mistakenly warms you about a problem.

  • Kemoge – 1,260 variants found in the past 30 days. This malware roots a victim's device and installs itself as a system application.

  • Triada – 1,026 variants found in the past 30 days. Any money that a user sends over SMS may not go to the right place.

  • Rootnik – 553 variants found in the past 30 days. Downloads executable files from remote servers for local execution.

The infographic additionally includes access to detailed reports of 20 real malicious apps by clicking on the malicious app icons and tips to stay protected against malware.


Malware infection on a mobile device may feel abstract because most users haven't experienced an infection first hand. But such threats are real. “What users cannot see does not mean it can't hurt them. We hope to raise users' awareness and help them understand what's behind some of these dangerous mobile apps and how to avoid becoming a victim,” said Allan Zhang, founder and CEO of Trustlook.