Haveibeenpwned News, Articles and Updates

Data breach site adds 80M new records, updates 'Pwned Passwords' service

Data breach aficionado Troy Hunt has significantly updated his "Have I Been Pwned?" website in recent days, adding a data set of 2,844 breach incidents involving 80 million stolen records.

Over 560 million breached account credentials curated in 'Combo List'

Kromtech researcher finds massive database of account credentials collated and curated from previously published data breaches.

Fetish forum breached: 107,000 users facing major humiliation

Over 100,000 users are at risk of public humiliation or blackmail as Rosebutt Board, a web forum dedicated to the 'anal fisting' fetish, has suffered a data breach.

'Perfect storm' of ransomware, malvertising and phishing attacks follow 'Celebgate' forum breach

'Celebgate' forum breach leads to flood of ransomware, phishing attacks and malvertising malware on mobile site