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"Wearables are being adopted by the healthcare industry but data privacy concerns need to be addressed"

If we are to take advantage of the opportunities offered by wearables in healthcare, safeguarding of personal and sensitive data must be a prime concern, with features to support privacy and protection against misuse of data.

ICO, surprisingly, doesn't lose its mind over NHS DeepMind experiment

Despite ruling that the Royal Free NHS Trust failed to comply with data protection laws in its experiment with Google DeepMind, the ICO has not slapped the trust with a fine, saying, "The Data Protection Act is not a barrier to innovation."

Quality healthcare during digital transformation & business assurance

Eileen Haggerty looks at the steps needed to secure patient data, whether current approaches are suitable in the tech-driven world we operate in, and how it's all interconnected.

Hackers post plastic surgery clinic's patient files after blackmail campaign

Hackers on Tuesday publicly posted more than 25,000 files and private images stolen from a Lithuanian plastic surgery clinic

Healthcare industry must make medical device security a high priority

The healthcare industry believes attacks on a medical device built or in use by their organisations is likely to occur over the next 12 months.

File carving can reverse WannaCry ransomware encryption, says McAfee

Security researchers at McAfee say they have developed an experimental method for recovering files encrypted by WannaCry ransomware.

Why the UK needs to adopt US healthcare approaches to information security sharing

The UK Government wants more robust protections in place to defend NHS patient data. US-style stakeholder collaboration could be even more effective in protecting patient data, says Jamie Stone.

WannaCry in the NHS: who takes responsibility?

In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware which took out over 60 NHS trusts, SC ponders on where the blame lays.

Hospitals turn patients away as NHS caught up in global ransomware attack

A combination of WannaCrypt0r and the EternalBlue exploit harvested from the NSA is forcing the closure of networks around the world including many NHS trusts in the UK.

ICO deals £200k fine after patients' conversations leak online

Private health company fined £200,000 by ICO as it emerges that Indian firm used for transcribing recordings of doctor-patient interviews was storing data on unsecured server.

Attack on our NHS...and this time it's from cyber-space

Chris Welch discusses what healthcare organisations in the UK should be doing to protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

Barts Hospital battles malware outbreak, insists it's not ransomware

NHS trust denies that ransomware was spreading through systems as probe launched to ascertain extent and source of infection at its four hospitals.

Inadequate cyber-security budgets 'putting NHS patients at risk'

Some NHS trusts were spending as much as £100,000 a year on cyber-security in 2015 while others were spending nothing, according to figures collated by Sky News.

Northern Lincolnshire NHS up and running again after "virus" threat

Ransomware most likely culprit for network infection that closed down three hospitals in North Lincolnshire and affected several other affiliated institutions.

NHS attacked by ransomware 'dozens' of times

An FOI disclosure from the NHS has shown nearly 30 NHS trusts to be the victims of ransomware attacks in the past 12 months.

Report uncovers the underground healthcare data market

A new report from the Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology undresses what happens to private medical data after its stolen from the hospital and the heaving marketplaces it ends up in

47% of NHS Trusts in England admit to falling victim to ransomware

FOI request shows cyber assault on healthcare sector.

Locky ransomware spread in global campaign against health sector

FireEye researchers have spotted a Locky ransomware campaign targeting the healthcare sector around the world

Medical staff routinely ignore IT security to do their jobs

Doctors and nurses would rather save a patient's life than adhere to infosec best practices, according to new research into healthcare cyber-security.

Healthcare phishing attacks - Is the NHS next and how can it prepare?

The healthcare sector is vulnerable to cyber-attack, keeping a lot of personal data that attackers are increasingly targetting, and the NHS needs to get its defences in place now says Stuart Robb.

Ransomware targets and infects 38% of IT pros in healthcare

Ransomware is becoming a more prevalent threat actor, targeting and infecting 38 percent of healthcare IT professionals.

What is the price of healthcare cyber-attacks?

Cyber-attacks that harvest data have been gaining momentum, increasing in destructiveness and targeting progressively higher-profile organisations. However, this is not a problem limited to consumer-facing corporations says Ian Trump.

New report diagnoses healthcare bodies with poor cyber-security

Health care bodies appear to have a focus on protecting patient data, often forgetting to protect themselves from other more serious attacks, a new report has shown.

Ransomware goes to Hollywood medical centre

When malware goes to war: South California hospital unable to relax in the face of US$3.6 million (£2.4 million) demand from attackers

90% of industries affected by healthcare data breaches

Stolen medical information has become a more extensive issue than originally thought, affecting 90 percent of industries.

Research shows 12 new malware strains discovered every minute

A 64.8 percent spike of new malware strains have been discovered by researchers at G DATA.

New findings disclose health care security gaps

The report surveyed 398 full-time health care workers to measure the security complications and flaws facing healthcare in the US.

Cyber-security experts criticise data handling processes after HIV clinic email error

Security experts have criticised the processes that allowed the names and email addresses of hundreds of HIV-positive patients in London to be revealed in an email newsletter.

Lawsuit filed against UCLA health system—data breaches on the rise

A lawsuit has been filed against UCLA Health System, UCLA Medical Sciences and The Regents of the University of California for compromise of private data.