Heartbeat recognition the future of ID technology?

News by Ava Fedorov

Taking identity verification to the next level, Toronto-based tech firm, Bionym, has created a way for banks to use the human heartbeat to authenticate users for online banking systems.

Using the unique electrical signals created by the heart, users are authenticated by electrocardiogram, allowing them to log into all their accounts without passwords and pin codes. Implemented via a watch-like wristband, called the Nymi band, once the user's unique pattern is identified, it is paired to their smartphone via a banking app and bluetooth. After the initial pairing, whenever the wristband is worn it automatically connects with the phone. If the heartbeat is not recognised by the device, it immediately shuts down.

This new verification process is currently being trialed in the UK by Halifax bank, which seeks to make strides within the issue of identity theft—something that has plagued other complex ID biotechnologies such as fingerprint and iris scans. Halifax told online news sources that it is ready to trial this “superior” technology, commenting that the heartbeat is a “vital signal of the body and naturally provides strong protection against intrusions and falsification.”

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