The Heartland data breach is an opportunity for the US government to standardise data breach notification laws.


Bill Conner, chairman, president and CEO of Entrust, claimed that following the revelation that more than 100 million credit cards could have been compromised, the government needs to continue to move quickly to standardise data breach notification laws and call for technology, such as encryption and stronger authentication, that truly protects consumer information.


Conner said: “Cybercrime continues to grow and is increasingly affecting more and more of this country's citizens. To slow the upward trend of cybercrime in this country, all organisations - enterprise, consumer and even governments - need to carefully review current security approaches and identify key gaps within their infrastructures.”


He further called for Congress to pass a data breach notification law that better protects consumer identities through stronger data security standards with strong encryption.


“This is an opportunity to do something about a security issue that impacts all Americans”, said Conner.