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UK cyber security centre to launch

No 10 to unveil 'widened' US-style cyber security strategy within weeks

Cryptography Research signs patent licence with Samsung to protect smartcards against differential power analysis

Cryptography Research has signed a patent licence agreement with Samsung Electronics.

2008: A year of cybercriminal innovation

With the emergence of new attack techniques and the reinvention of old ones, 2008 has been a year of cybercriminal innovation.

Report: Nearly all computer users running insecure programs

Only two per cent of computer users are fully patched and the other 98 per cent are running at least one insecure, unpatched program, security firm Secunia said this week.

Worm exploiting Microsoft vulnerability developing into botnet

The "W32.Downadup" worm, exploiting the patched Microsoft's Windows Server Service (MWSS) vulnerability, is the key component in a developing botnet, researchers at Trend Micro said this week.

As businesses weigh adoption, new iPhone plugs 13 flaws

The second version of the iPhone, released Friday, includes faster internet, GPS functionality and an application store — as well as 13 security fixes.

Microsoft presses deeper into security space

The software giant is spearheading its second global security initiative in a week, this time aiming to co-ordinate security response systems with other vendors

Private investigators fined by magistrates after conning BT for information

Two private detectives have been fined by a London court after blagging information on the partner of a man wanted for a debt to their client

Experts say global cooperation key to fighting cybercrime

International cooperation among law enforcement agencies is key to taking the allure from cybercrime, a panel of experts said today at a Kaspersky Lab-sponsored breakfast in New York.

Academics warn of fingerprint biometrics weaknesses

Experts from the University of California, Davis warned this week that the reliability of fingerprint biometrics has declined considerably due to technological concerns and a growing world population.

Fortify acquires Secure Software

Fortify Software announced today that it reached a definitive agreement to acquire McLean,Va.-based Secure Software.

Court orders Movieland.com to limit pop-ups

A U.S. District Court in California has ordered a movie download service to stop barraging users with pop-up advertisements.

'Make your own man-in-the-middle attack' online kit found

Fraudsters are hawking free trials of "universal" man-in-the-middle phishing kits through an online forum, security researchers said today.

Vista Launch: New OS an opportunity for niche security firms

While most major security vendors worked out the kinks in their Windows Vista-compatible offerings this week, some niche vendors were taking advantage of the corporate launch to unveil new security solutions.

Vista Launch: Most vendors come up empty at Windows release

As Microsoft trumpeted the business release of its Vista operating system today, security vendors scrambled to offer third-party anti-virus software for the new Windows ecosystem.

Vista Launch: Microsoft unleashes Vista

Vista is finally here - at least for companies that buy Windows licenses in bulk and think Microsoft's first new operating system (OS) in five years is worth the cost.

Study says federal agencies need to improve information security testing

A recent study requested by the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform found that many federal agencies are not properly testing their information security controls.

Broadcom wireless drivers vulnerable to attack, says Metasploit creator

Just when you thought that spilling a hot cup of latte was all you had to worry about while surfing the web at your local Starbucks - or any public place for that matter - think again: Nearby attackers can now exploit the wireless drivers used in many popular laptops to assume control of your machine, and there is little you can do to stop them.

Rootkit leaves false trail to 'accuse' Prevx of infections

In hackers' latest move in the cat and mouse game with security companies, the hackers that created Gromozon redesigned the malware last week to include pop-ups and other fake clues to trick the infected user into thinking United Kingdom-based Prevx is the source of infection.

Google apologizes for hosting Kama Sutra worm

Google apologized to users of its video group this week for unintentionally hosting a version of the infamous Kama Sutra Worm.

Hackers use German Wikipedia article to spread malware

Wikipedia, the user-driven online encyclopedia, was a victim of its open-source nature when malware writers posted a link to a malicious website in a German-language article describing a popular computer worm.

Password-stealing MySpace log-in page removed

Popular social networking site MySpace has shut down a bogus profile page that was used to relay usernames and passwords to a remote server in France.

Sourcefire going public

Sourcefire, maker of the popular open-source Snort intrusion prevention technology, has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) to raise up to $75 million in stock, six months after plans to be acquired by Check Point fizzled out amid a federal investigation.

Researchers cite risks in swipe-free credit cards

Swipe-free credit cards are gaining in popularity, but there are significant information security risks associated with the cards' radio frequency identifier (RFID) technology, a group of Massachusetts researchers have determined in findings released this week.

Fortify: Black box tests need better measurements

Researchers with Fortify Software reported this week that the wide differences among "black box" testing methods can put organizations at risk without enough oversight.

Transportation Security Administration, Defense Department to roll out ActivIdentity smart cards

Digital identity provider ActivIdentity announced this week that it won key, two-year contracts to provide identification card technology to two federal government agencies charged with safeguarding Americans.

Firefox 2.0 public release on Tuesday

On the heels of Microsoft's release of the Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Mozilla on Tuesday is scheduled to unveil the third version of its popular alternative web browser, Firefox.

Rivals not convinced of Microsoft's Vista offer

While Microsoft has made a lot of fanfare about the concessions they announced last week regarding kernel access to 64-bit Vista, the leading IT security manufacturers said this week that what Microsoft eventually offers them may be too little, too late.

Opera upgrade fixes browser flaw

Vulnerability tracking firm Secunia today reported a "highly critical" vulnerability in Opera, the alternative cross-platform web browser, that could lead to the execution of malicious code.

Netflix fixes cross-site request forgery hole

Netflix, the subscription-based DVD rental service that revolutionized the way consumers rent movies, has shored up its website against hackers.