Hijacking News, Articles and Updates

Email hoaxes and phishing scams prey off of school violence fears

A Swiss hacking group has reportedly claimed credit for using a hijacked email domain to bombard schools around the US with fake threats of violence.

Tesla's AWS servers hijacked by cryptominers

The hijacking of Tesla's Amazon Web Server cloud system by rogue cryptominers is proof that no one is immune to a misconfigured AWS server nor cryptomining attacks.

Malicious Chrome and Firefox extensions block removal to hijack browsers

Malicious Chrome and Firefox extensions that block their removal in order to hijack a user's browser to drive clicks up on YouTube videos and hijack searchers are automatically infecting user devices.

New Mac malware - MaMi - hijacks DNS connections

Malware can steal passwords, take screenshots and access files. Security researchers have discovered new Mac malware that can hijack DNS settings.

Prilex and Cutlet Maker ATM malwares uniquely target users

Trend Micro researchers spotted two ATM malware families one of which, Prilex, uses highly targeted attacks to hijack banking applications and another, Cutlet Maker, which is a flexible standalone application for emptying the ATM's safe.

OurMine hackers take Uber CEO's Twitter page for a joyride

Last night, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick became the latest public target of the OurMine hacking group, which posted an unauthorized message on his Twitter page, likely after hijacking his linked Quora account.

Australian fashion blogger's Instagram account reportedly hijacked

The Instagram account of Australian fashion blogger Rozalia Russian was hijacked by an American hacker, who extorted $5,000 (£3,500) from her before handing back her credentials, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

iCloud account hijacking can be used to simulate ransomware attack

Having your iCloud account hijacked may be as bad, if not worse, than a ransomware attack because hackers can use Apple's Find My Mac security feature to remotely lock out a device's owner and demand payment to unlock it.