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US fails to stand up for democracy in face of Russian online assault

The US Trump administration has failed to take an aggressive stance against Russian interference in democratic processes that have grave implications for the safety and security of the US, and thus democracy globally.

Cyber-security pros say easy to sort 650K Clinton emails in eight days

Cyber-security professionals say it is pretty simple to sort through 650,000 emails in eight days or less despite criticism from Trump supporters.

"The cyber" security of Trump's emails isn't that secure

An independent researcher found gaping holes GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's own email servers.

Trump vows strong cyber-security at rally, criticizes Obama, Clinton

At a rally in Virginia, Donald Trump pledged to make cyber-security a top priority.

Presidential debate 2016: Candidates pledge cyber-investment, differ on Russia

Clinton pinned hacks at the Democratic National Conference (DNC) on Russia while Trump said attribution is not clear.

How to stop a 'Hillary' in your organisation

Stacy Leidwinger looks at the Hillary Clinton email scandal and how companies can avoid the potential security risk of staff using shaddow IT.

Clinton pledges to bring U.S. Copyright system into 21st century

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called for administrative reform to help bring the U.S. copyright system into the digital age.

Infamous 'Guccifer' claims he breached Hillary Clinton's email server

Romanian jailed hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, otherwise known as 'Guccifer', claims that he repeatedly breached the personal email server of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in early 2013 when she was Secretary of State.