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Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager


Hitachi ID



£1.10/workstation; £4.86/ServerID

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Strengths: Requires users to request password checkout for privileged accounts

Weaknesses: Installation is smooth, but a little tricky

Verdict: A strong product that could use just a bit of tweaking on the ease of use to make it better

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Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager is a system for securing privileged passwords across large numbers of devices. The main task of this product is to regularly randomise privileged passwords on workstations, servers and applications. Random passwords are encrypted and stored on at least two replicated servers. However, if necessary, passwords may be obtained by administrators, after they have been authenticated and their requests have been authorised.

We installed this product with average difficulty. The installation does not set up the backend database on its own. We had to use SQL Server Management Studio to set up the database, user and schema. After the database was set up, we installed the software. The installation went smoothly and we found the wizard to be easy to follow. After installation, all management and password checkout requests are done through the intuitive, web-based GUI.

This product uses a password request/checkout process. When an authorised user needs to obtain a privileged password, they must access the password request page and fill out the form. The form is then submitted to the appropriate authorisers and, if authorised, the requester can retrieve the password from the password checkout screen. We found this process to be straightforward and simple.

Documentation provided included several PDF guides and manuals. One of the manuals was the installation guide. This provided a detailed installation procedure, including how to configure the database. There are also a user guide, integration guide and reference guide. All these documents are nicely organised and easy to follow, with many screenshots and examples.

Hitachi ID offers phone and email technical support as part of an annual support contract. This support also provides access to the customer support portal, which includes resources such as a knowledgebase, FAQ list and product downloads.

At a price of £1.10 per workstation and £4.86 per server, this product is good value for the money. While installation and setup do require some extra steps with the database, overall it is quite easy to manage.

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