Home secretary Alan Johnson has said that he still believes that accused hacker Gary McKinnon should be extradited.

Speaking to the Enfield Advertiser, Johnson said that he could understand why there was concern ‘if people don't know what the situation' is but McKinnon had to face the courts.

He said: “Politicians don't decide whether to prosecute people: it's a fundamental part of the way our country runs. The director of public prosecutions decides and it is his decision to prosecute Gary McKinnon and his decision to prosecute him in America – to extradite him.

“Gary McKinnon is accused and has admitted to some very serious offences over a 14-month period in America – he has to face the courts there. Having Asperger's isn't a reason why you can't face the courts. Actually, there are people who have much more serious mental illnesses than Asperger's who the courts have decided must still face the music for what they've done.”

Mr Johnson said that despite criticism of the handling of McKinnon's case, the criminal justice system in this country ‘has been there' for Mr McKinnon and his supporters to use. “They have used it, they are using it and that's as it should be,” said Johnson.