The US Department of Homeland Security has asked for $918 million to support its infrastructure protection programs.


As part of President Barack Obama's fiscal budget for 2010, funding for the office of Cybersecurity and Communications would increase to $401 million in order ‘to increase the resiliency and security of private and public sector cyber infrastructure.' It is understood that the total Homeland Security proposed budget is $42.7 billion.


Funds will be used to support the base operations of the National Cyber Security Division, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative and the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team.


In a Presidential transmittal letter, Obama said: “In order to keep America strong and secure, the budget includes critical investments in rebuilding our military, securing our homeland, and expanding our diplomatic efforts because we need to use all elements of our power to provide for our national security.


“We are not only proposing significant funding for our national security, but we are also being careful with those investments by, for instance, reforming defence contracting so that we are using our defence dollars to their maximum effect.