East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust has implemented Imprivata's OneSign to access critical applications.

Using single sign-on (SSO) technology, it has boosted the productivity of its 7,000 employees by allowing them to connect to applications via a single point of secure authentication rather than having to remember or write down individual credentials, share passwords or leave computers unlocked.

OneSign integrates with several healthcare applications and includes support for shared workstations, roaming desktops, fast user switching, a broad range of integrated strong authentication options and password policy implementation and management. 

Nicola Ellingham, project manager for SSO at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust, said: “Human nature suggests that employees will inevitably forget passwords if they have too many to remember, so finding a solution that makes it as simple as possible to access IT systems whilst keeping data secure is crucial.

“Password resets and access issues are an incredible drain on IT resources and Imprivata technology has helped us eradicate these calls so that support staff can focus on other more strategic areas of IT across the business. With OneSign, we are confident in our ability to achieve our organisational goals for effectiveness and efficiency.”

Omar Hussain, CEO and president of Imprivata, said: “NHS organisations across the UK face similar access management challenges in terms of securing clinician access to data and systems without compromising user productivity or audit trails.

“Imprivata is committed to addressing these needs via the OneSign platform, providing all NHS trusts with the right solutions to drive efficiency, cut costs and improve clinician satisfaction enabling hospitals to deliver better patient care.”