Hosting Scandal News, Articles and Updates

Bitcoin stealing malware distributed on for nearly a year

Bitcoin stealing malware that swaps user accounts with that of the attacker was found to be hosted on servers for nearly a year.

'First true' native IPv6 DDoS attack spotted in wild

First in-the-wild DDOS IPV6 attack hits servers, with portents of more to come. The DNS dictionary attack originated from around 1,900 different native IPv6 hosts, on more than 650 different networks.

OVH suffers 1.1Tbps DDoS attack

An internet hosting company has been the subject of a distributed denial of service attacks the likes of which the world has never seen

Bitcoin phishing is easy, nearly risk free and on the rise

Phishing attacks lead to rogue "bulletproof" hosting firm which has a history of hosting malware and other illegal content, researchers claim.