Web hosting company HostSailor has threatened legal action against US cyber-security commentator KrebsonSecurity for posting a story, based on a Trend Micro report, tying that web firm to a now defunct group known for nefarious web activities.

Cyber-researcher Brian Krebs wrote wrote that he received letter from the law firm Abdullah Alzarooni Advocates of Dubai on behalf of HostSailor, demanding that the story in question be taken down because it damages HostSailor's reputation. Krebs said will not comply to the demand, but he wondered if a similar threat may have forced Trend Micro to alter its original report.

“Could this same kind of legal pressure be why security industry giant Trend Micro removed all reference to HostSailor from the report that started all this? Trend hasn't responded to direct questions about that,” Krebs said.

Trend Micro did not reply to a SCMagazine.com request for clarification on this point.