So it seems that almost ten years since malicious emails told us they love us, we are now their darling.

The "ILOVEYOU" worm arrived via email on the 4th May 2000 which then caused it to propagate through the user's address list. In a similar vein, emails have now been detected that contain a Trojan Downloader using the disguise of photos from someone who claims to be an admirer.

The subject line contains the line ‘Hello Darling' with the message body stating that photos are attached as promised, these are in a .zip file that contains the Troj/Agent-LQH downloader, according to Sophos.

Sophos' senior technology consultant Graham Cluley, said: “There may be many people who get quite a kick of being sent photos out-of-the-blue from someone they've never heard of before (especially if they call you ‘Darling'), but this is just the latest social engineering trick being used by the bad guys to trick you into running their malicious code.”

The Beatles once sang ‘money can't buy me love', proof in this instance that this is probably true in the cyber world, but it will cost you.