HP has launched the new version of its WebInspect technology to help identify vulnerabilities in web applications.

Accordng to the company, the application security solution replicates real-world attacks through a guided testing process. It said that version 10.0 is an automated, configurable solution that allows security teams to efficiently manage test results and distribute security intelligence and remediation guidance early in the development process.

It includes an interactive testing process, named Guided Scan, which is based on an adaptive component recognition technique for analysing modern complex web applications and JavaScript. HP said that this feature leads novice users and professional security testers in adapting tests to specific scenarios in custom environments where test configuration is difficult to troubleshoot.

Mike Armistead, vice president and general manager of enterprise security products at Fortify HP, said: “To effectively build safe and secure web applications, organisations need to be thinking about and testing for critical threats from the onset of development.

“HP WebInspect 10.0 empowers clients to become proactive in their security efforts, rather than reacting to attacks after they happen, by simulating attacks to identify vulnerabilities early on and preventing breaches long before they occur.”