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Old version of HPE Lights-Out server management contains DoS vulnerability

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has disclosed the discovery of a serious vulnerability in a previous version of its Lights-Out 3 embedded server management technology, which could be remotely exploited to trigger a DoS condition.

Lenovo patches 14-year-old vulnerability

Lenovo released a patch for a vulnerability introduced 14 years ago via a firmware update by the now-defunct Nortel Networks and its blade server and switch business unit.

Hidden HP Keylogger found preinstalled on models dating back to 2012

Security researcher Michael Myng found a keylogger code that records every stroke typed, pre-installed into HP laptop software drives in models of computers dating back as far as 2012.

IP Expo Europe 2016: 2017 will be 'the year of the data bandit'

According to Tim Grieveson, chief cyber strategist at HP, the coming year will look very different for the illicit data trade

Legislation threatens security research and privacy, claims report

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released its hefty annual cyber-risk report, stating that well-intentioned legislation is putting cyber-security research and privacy at risk.

HP pulls sponsorship of hacking contest over Wassenaar Arrangement

Hewlett-Packard pulled its sponsorship of the Pwn2Own hacking competition this year over confusion about the Wassenaar Arrangement and difficulty in meeting its standards.