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Huawei router vulnerability exploited, most are unlikely to be patched

An amateur hacker who has titled himself 'Nexus Zeta' has managed to exploit the Huawei home router HG532 by finding all the necessary information on online forums just a few days before carrying out the attack.

Malware behind Satori botnet posted to Pastebin

The code that exploits a flaw in Huawei, a router that enables these devices to be turned into botnets to push Satori and Brickerbot has been publicly posted on Pastebin.

Inkjet can spoof mobile fingerprint security

Two researchers at Michigan State University have succesfully spoofed security on two models of smartphone using a mere inkjet printer.

Researchers find remote code execution vulnerabilities in Huawei 4G modems

The modem flaw could have enabled hackers to take over PCs and launch DoS attacks

Huawei responds to allegations of NSA hacking

Further Snowden leaks allege that the NSA targeted Chinese telecom firm Huawei for corporate data.

Thousands of smartphones infected with 'spy' malware

Tens of thousands of smartphone users have been hit by a new class of botnet that illicitly gathers information.

GCHQ to vet Huawei's security evaluation centre managers

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is to scrutinise Chinese telecoms technology used in the UK's communications infrastructure.