Human error no.1 cause of data loss, say IT professionals

News by Max Metzger

Databarracks, an IT security company has, released the findings of its data health check survey, with interesting results. Chiefly, that the largest cause of data loss, according to the IT professionals involved in the survey, was simple human error.

The sixth of its kind, Databarracks interviewed 404 IT professionals from nearly 20 sectors to find out about their changing experiences of IT in 2015. Those surveyed came from roughly a third small business, a third medium and a third large. The respondents also mostly came from IT sectors, with public services at second

Databarracks found, among other things that the largest cause of data loss at 24 percent was human error, showing that perhaps IT security can never be completely prepared. Trailing behind in second and third places were hardware failure and data corruption respectively.

Oscar Arean, the technical operations manager at Databarracks said of the results to BH consulting: “Human error has consistently been the biggest area of concern for organisations when it comes to data loss. People will always be your weakest link, but having said that, there is a lot that businesses could be doing to prevent it, so we'd expect this figure to be lower.”

Interestingly however, and mirroring last year's survey results, organizations lost more data to hardware failure, than they did to untrustworthy human fallibility. In fact, data loss from hardware failure actually increased this year from 29 percent to 31 percent.

As recent surveys in the UK have described, cyber-security attacks are increasingly common. What is more is that cyber-security professionals are adapting to these new surroundings, 51 percent review their security and make changes accordingly after a recognised attack.


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