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Apple's China-based iCloud data centre raises privacy, human rights fears

Human rights activists are concerned that the Chinese government's regulation requiring that Apple host its citizen's iCloud accounts on servers in China could make it easier for that nation to track down dissenters.

BlackHat EU: Undressing the Pegasus

Three security researchers explained at this year's Blackhat, how Pegasus espionage software is used to surveil dissidents

What exactly will this new bill of rights mean for privacy laws within the UK?

The Justice Secretary has announced in a radio interview that the government will go ahead with the abolition of the UK's Human Rights Act, only for it to be replaced with a British 'bill of rights'.

UN extends human rights to online world

The United Nations has passed a resolution calling for human rights to be counted online as well as off, citing the internet as an important medium for free speech and free assembly. The resolution was not without its opponents, though.

Telecoms companies aid oppression in Belarus, says Amnesty International

Amnesty International has not been shy in condemning telecommunications companies operating in Belarus, described as 'Europe's last dictatorship', for complying with oppressive surveillance laws.