Hundreds of scammers identified on dating agency sites & apps by Action Fraud

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Dating agencies are now getting intelligence on known scammers direct from police forces to help prevent them registering on dating apps and websites.

Action Fraud is now sending reports on known scammers to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) run by the City of London Police to load into a central database. Dating services can check their users against the database, and receive a status report on whether a user matches a known scammer.

As a result, Action Fraud data is reported to have identified hundreds of scammer accounts, and the parties involved are looking to increase the amount of data shared.

In a press statement, Pauline Smith, director of Action Fraud, said: "We see many cases of romance fraud each year, the cost of which is high, both emotionally and financially. Heartless fraudsters cruelly use dating websites, social media and direct emails to exploit those looking for love."

Action Fraud feeds the data into a database system provided by Scamalytics, whose CTO Dan Winchester commented to the press: "There has long been an appetite from both law enforcement and the dating industry to cooperate more closely on the prevention of fraud, so it is fantastic to finally have this service up and running - and already preventing known scammers from targeting new victims."

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