The consideration of a hybrid of a cloud and server based approach could allow more suspicious users to move into virtualised environments.

Omar Aguirre, chief operating officer of Optenet, claimed that in a recession, a hybrid system option allows a choice for the more sceptical new user to the cloud.

Aguirre said that people are now looking for new opportunities, and they want to try something but are not willing to put everything in the cloud.

“They want to be able to make a transition so they can manage everything. They are willing if the total cost of ownership (TCO) statement is real, if it is so they will go for it,” said Aguirre.

He further claimed that data is always different for IT to manage with certain security layers. As cloud does not have a proof of concept it is one approach for those types of services, as IT has to find a way to control management.

He said: “A change to a hybrid provides a way of managing the TCO savings. The best way to prove that the savings are there and not reliant on the cloud.

“Why do people have doubts about the cloud? Everyone is trying to prove that the concept is there. With email it is easier but it depends on the type of business. You have to show the possibility in the cloud in the security environment.”