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Embrace the cloud - just make sure you don't leave IAM as an after-thought

Peter Boyle outlines the challenges of migrating applications to the cloud, discussing privacy and data governance and the role of Identity Access Management.

Creating digital identity strategies to enable digital transformation

Des Powley explains how digital transformation could be an opportunity to assess and rewrite your IAM policies in line with a digital world, get rid of legacy systems and become more user-friendly for employees and customers.

Identity sensors: using IAM focussed honeypots to enhance security

Darran Rolls discusses proactive IAM techniques organisations can use to stay protected

Getting personal with cyber-security

Identity Access Management (IAM) tools don't just protect the perimeter, they protect the identities of everyone that logs on to the network, enabling users to benefit from productivity applications with less risk says Mark Hughes.

Global cloud IAM will dominate in revenue by 2020

The global cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) market will be worth annual revenue of $2.8 billion (£1.9B) worldwide by the year 2020.

'App shaping' key to securing the cloud on a budget

One of the hot topics at this week's Identity Management conference in London was how to secure cloud-computing resources on a tight budget.

Trust users to improve security, say analysts

Despite the dangers of insider threats, Gartner analysts Tom Scholtz and Ant Allan believe that trusting people can go a long way to improving business security.

Security is embraced, but often bypassed, says Voltage Security

Eighty-five per cent of employees say that security has added value to their company, while 40 per cent say security limits their ability to move information around.

SC Cyber Security Day to evaluate key trends

SC Magazine is to take a look at four of the key trends in information security in an online event this week.

Gartner Conference: Identity and authentication are key to mobile security

Identity management is critical in mobile devices but considerations need to be given to the user experience and data security.

Gartner conference: Integrate IAM and SIEM to prevent APTs

Properly integrated identity and access management (IAM) and security incident and event management (SIEM) can assist in combating modern targeted attacks, as well as doing the traditional functions.

Cyber-Ark introduces privileged user detection tool

Cyber-Ark has announced the launch of a 'Discovery & Audit' (DNA) product that aims to enable users to scan and identify privileged accounts.

Authentication remains on-premise, but users need to be empowered

Identity should be within the hands of the user and not the company.