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Data security game-changer - why newest mainframe important to banks

While the world has been riding from the boom of new technology innovations in 2017, the mainframe has recently reaffirmed its rightful place at the top of the financial security technology field says Richard Whomes

Switzerland to build AI cognitive security ops centre to protect banks

Switzerland's cognitive security operations centre will be built around IBM Watson for Cyber Security and provide in-country support to the banking sector.

IP Expo: Quantum computing is really cool, no really

Jay Gambetta, a research manager for IBM took to the stage this morning at IP Expo Europe 2016 to explain the advances IBM are making in research into quantum computing.

Marcher mobile malware adds nine UK banks to target list

Russian banking malware, Marcher, is headed for the UK in a big way - banks and consumers are urged to be on guard.

US GAO finds nukes are controlled by computers from 1970s

The US US Government Accountability Office has released a report showing that The Pentagon is controlling its nuclear arms with computers from the 1970's.

Russian students come out on top at international programming finals

A trio of students from St Petersburg State University in Russia have been dubbed world champions in the 40th annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) finals.

IBM's AI Watson might be solving cyber-crime by end of year

Artificial intelligence could make catching hackers more elementary but will cyber-criminals adopt the technology and could it make cyber-security professionals redundant?

IBM: Phishing scams a major cause of bank breaches

Malicious attachments and links, ShellShock and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks were the top three cyber-threats facing the financial sector, which suffered having 20 million records breached last year, according to a new study released by IBM.

New trojans appear targeting UK banks

Named after mythological figures, these two trojans are set to target some major financial institutions in the UK

10K vulnerabilities in nearly 2K products, report says

Researchers at Secunia detected nearly 10,000 vulnerabilities in nearly 2,000 products, including Oracle Solaris and IBM i5/OS.

ICYMI: Masterful Shifu, wake-up call, KeyRaiders, pre-empt EU and scanning Android apps

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): IBM warning over masterful Shifu, Carphone Warehouse attack was a wake-up call, KeyRaider targets jailbroken iPhones, pre-empt the EU and safeguard data now, and thousands of vulnerable Android apps found with new scanner.

IBM warns of 'masterful' new Shifu banking Trojan

IBM researchers have found the 'Shifu' Trojan attacking Japanese banks, as well as new information-stealing malware called CoreBot - both with Russian origins.

IBM: Corporations could be the next target for ransomware attacks

The growing threat posed by ransomware and the possibility that cyber-criminals will graduate from extorting end users to large corporations topped the worry list of IBM's X-Force threat team in its Q3 threat intelligence report.

Security team finds additional Android vulnerability

An IBM security research team has uncovered an additional flaw in Android that can give a malicious app the ability to fully control a device.

IBM invests £2bn in IoT

IBM has a £2 billion development programme better integrate data into its plaforms via a new internet of things unit, as well as creating a new a cloud platform.

Ponemon - Smaller breaches likely; consultants a risk?

Average total cost of a data breach has increased by 15 percent in the last 11 months; consultants increase risk says new Ponemon report.

Context is king

Context-aware security can make intelligent decisions while allowing mobile users to get the job done.

IT security job shortage: Youth may not be the answer

A New Year means new jobs for IT security experts.

RSA2009: Securing the smarter planet with IBM (Audio)

Just spent 30 minutes in the company of IBM's Brian J Truskowski, General Manager, ISS and Global Technology Services on cloud, smarter security and what...